Richard and Donnie Presutti are the owners of Gator Gun and Knife Store LLC in Sulphur, Louisiana. They opened Gator Gun and Knife Store in April of 1992. It began as a night time business because both her and her husband worked other jobs in the day time. In the summer of 1993, Gator Gun and Knife Store became a daytime, full-
Mission Statement

With crime on the rise, we want to teach and help others how to arm themselves to protect themself and their families. Six classes are given:
1. N.R.A. First Steps Pistol instruction
2. N.R.A. Basic Handgun Class
3. Conceal Handgun Class - Conceal Handgun Certificate
4. N.R.A. Personal Protection Inside the Home Instruction
5. N.R.A. Personal Protection Outside the Home Instruction
         This class is for the more gun experienced shooter.
6. N.R.A. Eddie Eagle Gun Safety for children.

Building memberships for the N.R.A. Organization that offer many different events for the whole family. The N.R.A. will keep you informed on laws that affect your 2nd Amendment Rights
time gun store. Richard Presutti has been selling guns since the 80's starting in Westlake, Louisiana. They also promote the Lake Charles Gun and Knife Show since 1990.

Recently friends and customers have been inquiring about lessons and classes. This prompted Donnie to receive her N.R.A. Certified Instructor Credentials and give classes which include range time. She has acquired training through Louisiana Shooters Unlimited, owned and operated by Matthew Courtney. See Matthew's website at
Donnie has been teaching Conceal Handgun Classes since the beginning of 2013 and has enjoyed everyone of them. The classes are conducted 309 West Verdine Street in Sulphur and then Range time is at the Orange Gun Club in Texas.
She says it has been an eye-opening experience on how many women are wanting their Conceal Handgun Permit.

The classroom setting is small because that provides more attention on each student. Not only does she provide the knowledge of the basic operation of a pistol and revolver but she also will coach the student on holding the handguns and standing position correctly.